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In all probability, if you're reading this, you're an English teacher, you live and teach English in or around Torino, and you'd like to earn a bit more money by teaching privately. You're probably wondering what this website is all about and who we are. The good news is that the answers are actually very simple....

Who and what?

This site and its sister website MilanoInglese and RomaInglese were originally conceived by a small group of experienced ESL English teachers working in and around Milano. Over the years, we witnessed at first hand how hard it can be for teachers to earn a fair salary in Italy and, in particular, find private students.

If you teach English for a language school in Italy, you're probably working on a project contract. These contracts, as everybody knows, are widely abused and are generally used as a way to avoid giving you a proper contract. If you work for a school you'll have already realised that you have no job security and very few guarantees of regular income. You're a floormat.

Do you work for less than 25 euros an hour net? Less than 20? Less than 15? One of the biggest names in language teaching in Milan offers 13 euros an hour to newcomers, and another offers 17 euros before tax.

TorinoInglese is a new website, but it was born of the same philosophy and beliefs that led to us creating the MilanoInglese sites. MilanoInglese, RomaInglese and TorinoInglese exist to offer English teachers an alternative to being underpaid floormats. We don't mind if teachers who are registered with us are exclusively freelance or if they work for schools and take private lessons in their spare time. We simply want teachers to have the chance to earn a better income.

What is torinoinglese?

TorinoInglese is two websites: is the teacher information and registration website, where you can see what TorinoInglese is all about, see any jobs that are available in the area and register to join the directory if it interests you. Everything that we offer is explained, as are our rules and requirements.

The second website is, which is the site where potential students can browse through the English teachers registered on the site, and contact them if they wish. From the main listing page, if a visitor clicks on a teacher's profile, they will be taken to the teacher's profile page. Visitors can read about the teacher, see his or her experience, rates, availability and so on. Each teacher profile page includes a contact form to allow visitors to contact teachers directly if they want to ask questions or arrange lessons. As a back-up, if visitors can't find a teacher in their area, they can post an advert for a teacher. They can specify what they want, where and when. Only registered teachers are able to reply to the adverts.

Put simply, TorinoInglese is intended to provide a place where teachers can promote themselves in a professional manner, and where students who are looking for English lessons can find a teacher in their area with the qualities they are looking for.

Coming Soon!

We plan to launch the website this spring, or once we have at least a half-dozen teachers registered, whichever comes first.
Register now, and tell your friends.

Anna, English teacher in Milano

I've been a freelance teacher for years, choosing freedom of teaching methods over restrictions imposed by schools, but before Milanoinglese came along, I used to really struggle to find students, people just didn't seem to trust I'm struggling to cope with all the requests I'm getting!

Milanoinglese has been and continues to be invaluable to me, and students know it's a trustworthy place to find a teacher! Anna - English teacher in Milano

Andrew, English teacher in Milano

Milano Inglese put me on the map. There are few good mother tongue English teachers in Milan. If you are one of them, join us at Milano Inglese. You don't need to depend on language schools which are getting fat off your work and unique capabilities. Milano inglese is the marketing port you've always wanted.Andrew - English teacher in Milano

Christy, English teacher in Origgio

If you are a mother tongue English teacher working in Milan, you already know it can be a huge challenge. MilanoInglese is a fantastic website that has made a huge difference in helping to find quality work.

By far the best method to advertise for English mother tongue teachers and well worth it.Christy - English teacher in Origgio