How to Register as an English Teacher on Torino Inglese

Torino inglese

Teacher Registration

The registration process to get yourself listed on is pretty simple. You need to complete a form and attach a couple of files; not rocket science. The form should take you no more than 5 or 10 minutes to complete.

Our registration page is a simple online form. The form includes boxes to allow you to upload your photo and scans of any qualifications you want to list on your profile. Read the notes BEFORE you try uploading anything! Please be sure to complete ALL the text fields, even if only with 'n/a'. If you don't complete the form fully, it will not submit, no matter how many times you press the submit button.

If your submission was successful you will be taken to a 'thank you' page. If the page doesn't change, it means your form hasn't been submitted or is uploading slowly.

Once we receive your registration request we will contact you to confirm your registration or to ask any questions we may have. This will usually be within 24-36 hours. If you are a non-EU citizen we will ask you to send us a scanned copy of your permesso di soggiorno/work visa before we can register you.