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Teacher Registration Page

To register, please FULLY complete the form below, and then click 'submit'. Your private details, such as your full name and address, etc, are for our records and will not be published on your teacher page. Your profile page will show your christian name and the area where you are based, but not your surname, address or telephone number. Fields marked with * are compulsory. The form will not be sent until all compulsory fields are completed.

Please note that although you are not asked to do so here, you may be asked to provide proof that you are entitled to live and work in Italy.

Please complete this form in Italian

All fields marked with ** must be completed. If 'none' please write 'none'!

Teacher Information

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Profile Details

Please complete the rest of this form IN ITALIAN - all information will be used on your profile page unless otherwise stated.

Lesson / Course Costs

Show your basic hourly rate for lessons and any additional costs that will apply

Trial Lessons

Do you offer all students a first free trial lesson? If there are any ifs, buts or conditions, please answer 'no'.

Profile Description

Descriptions must be written in Italian and be at least 100 words long. In effect, this is your 'sales pitch', aimed at getting potential students to contact you. Start with something along the lines of 'Mi chiamo Bob, sono un insegnante di inglese a Torino'. Your description is often the only thing visitors to the site read properly, aside from your prices.

Teaching Experience

Optional - if not included in your main description.

Teaching Qualifications

Optional - Provide the details of any teaching qualifications you want to show on your profile and upload a scanned copy of each certificate. Unless qualifications are supported by scanned copies, they cannot be mentioned on your profile.

(.jpg or .png only, Max 250kb)

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IVA Registration

Please specify if you are IVA registered or not. If you are registered, the fact will be displayed on your profile.


You must provide a portrait or head-shoulders photo for display on your profile page and the main teacher listings page. The photo must be at least 275 x 262 pixels in size (slightly taller than wide). If the photo is larger we will adjust it. The image must be either jpg or png format and max 250kb.


Please double-check the form has been fully completed - the form will not submit until all mandatory fields have been filled. The form may take a short time to be uploaded, depending on your connection speed and the size and number of images you are uploading.