Teaching Jobs for ESL English Teachers

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Looking for a teaching vacancy?

If you're reading this it means you were looking at job adverts posted on this website it means you're looking for a job as an ESL language teacher with a language school, and clicked 'read more' on one or more adverts. Unfortunately, we no longer publish free job adverts on behalf of language schools but if you're looking for a teaching job, see below.

ESL Careers

There are several places where you might look for a job as a teacher but very few of them are trustworthy. We'd recommend visiting www.eslcareers.com or www.eslcafe.com, both of which are dedicated to jobs for ESL English teachers. Failing that, you might try visiting local school websites in the area you're based in.

Ultimately though, this site was created to help teachers find enough work to allow them to work as freelance teachers, not to prolong slavery!