Torino Inglese - The Concept

Torino inglese

Torino Inglese - The Concept

TorinoInglese exists to provide a trustworthy place where potential students can search for private teachers in their local area and to provide English teachers with a place where they can promote themselves effectively and professionally. We want to help promote independent teachers who live and work here in Italy and provide face to face lessons. That's a pretty simple concept.

Finding Private Students

If you teach English in Italy you already know that the only way to earn a decent income is to teach privately. As a private teacher you also get to manage your own time and decide when and where you work. The problem is finding private students. So, there's a question: How do you find private students?

The simple answer is here, on TorinoInglese. We only accept registration from teachers who are mothertongue speakers or genuinely bilingual, and who can prove they are entitled to live and work in Italy, not students posing as teachers and offering lessons for €5 an hour. Our aim is to help teachers earn more, not less...

What we do, works!

TorinoInglese is relatively new compared to other sites in the network but it will work in exactly the same way. Our RomaInglese and MilanoInglese websites receive receive more enquiries each day than most language schools in Milan and Rome. A quick search on Google will show you that our sites are among the first shown to people searching for things like 'inglese a roma' or inglese a milano'. Obviously, this didn't happen overnight, and it won't happen overnight in Torino either! Those teachers who are on board when the site launches will benefit the most because we deliberately restrict the number of teachers who can register, to ensure everybody gets plenty of work.