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Teacher Registration Page

To register, please FULLY complete the form below, and then click 'submit'. Your private details, such as your full name and address, etc, are for our records and will not be published on your teacher page. Your profile page will show your christian name and the area where you are based, but not your surname, address or telephone number. Fields marked with * are compulsory. The form will not be sent until all compulsory fields are completed.

Please complete this form in Italian

All fields marked with ** must be completed. If 'none' please write 'none'!

Teacher Information

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Profile Details

Please complete the rest of this form IN ITALIAN - all information will be used on your profile page unless otherwise stated.

Lesson / Course Costs

Please quote your basic hourly rate for lessons. If you wish, you can also list prices for blocks of lessons. We suggest rates for 40 and 60 hour blocks, but this is your choice. If quoting rates for other course lengths, please specify in the boxes. There must be no hidden costs with regards travel costs, books, IVA, etc.

Trial Lessons

To give students increased peace of mind we think it is a very good idea for private teachers to offer a free trial lesson. You are not obliged to do so, but it will be shown on you profile whether you give trial lessons or not. If you agree to offer a free trial lesson to any type of student, for any type of booking, please answer 'yes' to the question below. If there are any ifs, buts or conditions, please answer 'no'.


This box must be completed in ITALIAN and must include AT LEAST 75 words. Remember that your profile page should be focussed on getting potential students to contact you. You need to sell yourself, in other words. It may sound obvious but please start with a phrase saying something along the lines of 'Mi chiamo Bob, sono un insegnante di inglese a Torino'. Whatever you write here is added to your profile page just under your photo and is often the only thing students bother to read, aside from your prices. DO NOT refer to having qualifications unless you are also attaching readable, scanned copies of the qualifications in question!

Teaching Experience (Optional Field)

List any teaching experience you feel is relevant.

Teaching Qualifications (Optional Field)

Please list any teaching qualifications you want to show on your profile, completing all the boxes. If you have more than 3, add their details to the comments box at the end of the form. You also need to upload a scanned copy of the certificate. Unless qualifications are supported by scanned copies, they cannot be listed on your profile.

Use these boxes to upload scanned copies of any certificates mentioned above (only).

Allowed files .jpg, .jpeg, .png, Max size 250kb

Allowed files .jpg, .jpeg, .png, Max size 250kb

Allowed files .jpg, .jpeg, .png, Max size 250kb

Other Work Experience (Optional Field)

List any other work experience which you feel is relevant. Please remember that those looking for Business English courses are likely to pay attention to this section of your profile. It is an optional field but we advise completing it.

Specialist Lessons / Exam Preparation (Optional Field)

If you want to offer exam preparation courses, please say which exams you specialise in or have experience preparing students for. Additionally, if you are able to offer specialised courses, such as those for the International Legal English Certificate, English for young learners, Job Interview preparation or any other specialist course type, feel free to outline them here.

IVA Registration

Please specify if you are IVA registered or not. If you are registered, the fact will be displayed on your profile. This will particularly interest companies who are looking for teachers. If you are registered, please insert your IVA registration number. This information will not be displayed on your profile.


All registered teachers must provide a portrait or head-shoulders photo of themselves which will be added to their profile page and also to the listings pages. The MINIMUM photo size is 275 x 262 pixels (slightly taller than wide). If the photo is larger we will adjust it. The image may be either jpg or png format and the file should not be larger than 250kb.

Allowed files .jpg, .jpeg, .png, Max size 250kb

Translation Services

In addition to our teacher register, we have recently included a translator's section. Please indicate below if you wish to list yourself as a translator.

Please check all mandatory fields are completed. If you haven't completed the form properly IT WILL NOT submit, no matter how many times you press the submit button. Sending speed will depend on your connection and the size of any images you are uploading.

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